No favouritism !

I took my daughter’s ,Sophia,  favorite blanket away before bed tonight because she shook her baby sister and pushed her down. It was all play for her but turned out hurting Camila and causing her to cry. Also made me really upset that she did that. I yelled at her to go to her room and picked up the baby from the floor. I calmed the baby down and I sat back down at our dinner table where I was enjoying a slice of cheesecake with my sister before it all happened. Edgardo , father of my kids/ boyfriend, was washing dishes. He said nothing. I felt as if I over reacted or was I the only one that thought what Sophia did was wrong?

I went up to check on Sophia and she was sitting on her bunk. Her birthday is right around the corner. I told her that with all the bad behavior that has been happening recently with her that I would cancel her birthday trip to Six Flags if she didn’t start behaving. I went back downstairs and still nothing from Edgardo. So I asked him if he was going to say anything and he replied “you already handled it.”

My sister was still there but getting ready to leave since it got a bit awkward. When she got up Edgardo went to the bathroom and was going to shave. So she asked me if I wanted to talk about it ? I couldn’t help but break down a little bit. I felt stupid , like a bad mom and just frustrated from having to yell at my kids everyday. I couldn’t even enjoy a slice of cheesecake without having to tell my kids not to do something. If it’s not one kid it’s another. It’s usually Camila who won’t let me eat because she wants to be in my arms all the time, but she was fine and playing on the floor and Sophia came and had to bother her.

My sister left and the baby and I went up to our room. I sat her in her crib so that I could put some clothes away. Then I put her to sleep. Edgardo was in the shower while I was putting the baby to sleep , but after he was out of the shower he came to ask me why I took Sophia’s blanket away. I told him that grounding her isn’t working and isn’t teaching her a lesson, but also that I didn’t want to argue so to take the blanket and give it to her. He grabbed the blanket and then asked me if he can ask me something without me getting mad. So he asked ” why do you favor Diego and the baby ? Why are you so mean to Sophia?” I was honestly hurt by his question. I said I don’t favor anyone. He said that my sister’s notice it and he notices that I’m meaner to her. Again I said I don’t think I am.

I really don’t think I am. My daughter Sophia is definitely a more active child. She likes to do cartwheels in the living room and just do things without thinking. She has a lot of energy, more then what I can keep up with. Unfortunately, with the baby I barely have energy for myself and that makes it difficult for me to keep up with my older two.

I am hurt tonight by being accused of favouritism.

My dear Sophia, I love you as much as I love Diego and Camila. I carried all three of you in my womb and loved you guys before I even met you guys. You were my first little girl. I wanted a little girl so badly and I was blessed with you. I hope you never feel belittled by me because that is never my intention. I love you Janette Sophia !!! IMG_20170615_193753_275.jpg


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