I’ve been loving you for 7 years

My dearest Janette Sophia ,

You have turned 7 years old this year. It has been a joy to see you grow these past seven years.

You are my little go getter. Anything you set your mind on you get out there and do it. For example you potty trained yourself when you were 2 and learned how to ride your bike without training wheels in one day this year while you were still 6. Actually now that I think about it you should probably know that you pretty much came out on your own the day you were born. (haha) I should have known from them that you were going to take on the world.

This year we celebrated your birthday day at Six Flags !!! Your cousins, aunts and uncles came to join us. We also had a small cookout for you on Saturday and today you are out with your godfather at Dave and Busters. You have been a busy girl !!

I’m so thrilled to see what this year will bring for you. My wish is that you stay healthy, happy and kind. As well as brave and enthusiastic.

I love you so much and I am so lucky to call you my daughter.

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