Many people who know me and my family would already know that my brother Michael is my real life hero !

I can always count on him when I am in need of help. Weather it’s going out to get my groceries, a helping hand with my kids, fixing something on my laptop and/or listening to me vent. He doesn’t hesitate to be there for me. There has been countless of times that my brother has saved me from rough situations. I cannot imagine my life without him. I am thankful that he exist and I get to call him my brother.

Even though he is my little brother and I am older than him by 5 years I still very much need him probably more than he needs me. I’m okay with admitting that.

I would like to say that he is the perfect brother, but perfect does not exist. He has his flaws just like everyone else. There are times we annoy each other and we know to give each other some space. We don’t always see eye to eye, but we get along very well every other day and that’s what matters.

Not only is he a great brother to me, but a great uncle to my kids. He became an uncle at only 12 years old and he’s been an awesome uncle since then. My kids absolutely love him. He has done many things for them and it doesn’t go unnoticed. He’s been there for every birthday and makes their birthday special in his own way. He has also been there for first day of school and has picked them up from school many times. I see how much patience he has with them and teaching them new things. Not to be cheesy, but here comes the cheese…when my brother walks through our front door my kids faces light up! There isn’t a day when my kiddos aren’t asking me if Michael is coming over. Needless to say they have a special bond going on. 

Michael has had his own issues in the past. It was hard on all of us when our mom passed away, but for Mike things took a bad turn. I hate to think back to those memories because to me my brother is someone I look to for happiness. Because that’s what he brings to my kids and I (and to other family members). Three years have passed since the loss of our mom and the unfortunate events that followed, and I’m happy to say (or write) that he has come a long way. I am very proud of him for that. My wish for him is that he continues to progress and to conquer his dreams.

It wasn’t always this way. We didn’t always have the relationship we have now. Thinking back I didn’t pay much attention to Michael growing up. Since he was the only boy he would be in his own little world. I think he would mostly go around bugging Jessica since they were closer in age. Anyway, fast forward time to where we are now I am happy that we have been able to build this brother sister relationship.

I often see quotes about fathers being a girls real life hero…but my case is different. My little brother is my hero.

Thanks Michael for everything !!!


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