12 years ! 

Edgardo and I have been on a roller coaster ride together for 12 years !! 

We met at the young age of 15 and we became “official” August 16, 2005. 

It really does feel like it was just yesterday we were both teenagers having fun and going to school and hanging out on weekends. How can I forget those after school calls for about 20- 30 minutes and then hours on the phone late at night ! It was a great feeling to see his phone number appear on my caller ID ! Then when the weekend would roll around we would hang out Friday or Saturday and if we were lucky both days 🙂 it really felt like time went too fast when we would hang out. I remember wishing to be able to stop time. I was so madly in love with him. Love so pure , innocent and real ! Of course I still love him now, but it’s a different love. We have been through a lot so it feels different but still love. 

Edgardo and I met through a friend from high school. It was freshmen year of high school , second semester when I met a girl named Kasia. I can’t remember what class it was but I was in need of a pencil and didn’t have one on me. I turned around and asked the girl behind me if she had one I could borrow. I noticed she seemed quiet and I got the feeling that she was new to the school. I asked her if she was new and she said yes. I took a look at her binder that she carried and it had pictures of her classmates from middle school. I thought one of her classmates was cute. Anyway I invited her to sit with me and my friends at lunch and that’s how we became friends. All of a sudden I had boys from her old school calling me. Since I was curious at the time and wanted to put a face on these boys I asked her to bring her yearbook. My cousin and I were looking at the yearbook one night and I asked her who she thought was cute for me. (Haha , crazy teenage days) After a couple pages she pointed out Edgardo and asked me ” What about him?” I said ” ummm, ok” so next thing I kmow I was on the phone with him and another boy named Carlos. Edgardo asked for my number and said he would call me some other time. He called me the weekend after that. And again …the rest is history. Edgardo and I talked every night for a long time. We only knew of what we looked like from pictures. We didn’t meet in person till May and we would talk on the phone every night since January. Once we met we hung out twice and then he left for Mexico for the summer. Once he came back that’s when we became official. The day right before I started sophmore year of high school. He started school a week or two after me. 

We were so in love. Yes , we would argue but there was times we just wanted to run away together so we can be together all the time. We also had one or two day break ups. I remember how badly it hurt our first breakup. Then in January 2007 we found out we were going to be parents. I became pregnant with our first baby at 17 ! We did not know what we were getting ourselves into but we loved each other and we loved the baby that was growing in my belly so nothing else mattered….UNTIL of course the baby was born. Reality struck us !!! We were filled with joy and love when Diego was born but we were also extremely tired. We both went to school , he worked and I had moved with him and his parents but was at my mom’s house everyday while he was at work. Things became too much and we started to have problems. We officially broke up when Diego was only 4 weeks old. I moved back to my mom’s condo and we manage to co parent Diego. We ended playing a break up – get back together game which was tough on us and our parents. During a time we got back together I got pregnant with our second baby. We were 20. Again we started having problems and we broke up and we stayed broken up for three years ! In those three years he did try to get back together again but I had become so sick of the game we were playing that I had no interest in getting back together with him. I was tired of it. Also I became independent and was really enjoying it. In those three years I learned to find myself. For so long he was my only reason of being and then Diego came and then Sophia that I never had time for me. Those 3 years went by pretty fast to me and since he was still willing to be with me and having out family back together again I asked him to be my boyfriend again so that we can all be back together and love each other again. Oh I forgot to mention that in  three years we were not together I learned to forgive him. We hurt each other and I felt like I went through hell for a long time. I learned to move from that and was able to start fresh with him. 

6 months after getting back together my mom died from Cancer. It was difficult for my siblings and I to understand why her and we had problems coping. It also included problems with Edgardo and again we were going to break up. However , we ended up getting engaged in August ! We planned for our engagement to be 2 years. We wanted to get married August 2016. Instead I quit my job , became pregnant and stayed at home with the kids and the new baby. And this is where we are now. In a townhome with a 9year old , 7 year old and a 9 month old. Whooo would have tought all of this would happen?!! Certainly not us ! 

Our love story is a crazy one. Our life right now is a crazy one. Thankfully we have matured and understand each other more. Despite all the troubles there has been so many great memories and we brought/bring happiness to each other. I want to be able to be role models to our kids. I want my kids to see that real love does exist and that love is a beautiful thing. So happy 12 years to us and here’s to forever ! ❤


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