Son , Santa isn’t real !

What’s the appropriate age to tell a child that Santa isn’t real ? 

Today we told our 9 year old son ( he will be 10 in a week) that Santa is in fact NOT REAL ! I knew we would be telling him this year , but since he was already making a christmas list on our Target run , Edgardo and I told him today. My poor son was in such denial ! We explained to him that his dad and I would hide their Santa letters, go shopping on a day they were not around , wrap presents and hide them until they were sleeping on Christmas eve. He started to tear up and so was I. I looked at Edgardo and said ” I hate you that you made me do this !” Even though he really didn’t “make” me do it. 

My son got up from the couch and wanted to go upstairs to his room but I just pulled him to me and hugged him. I asked him what is it that is making him cry ? And he couldn’t answer, but he did say Christmas is not going to be the same anymore. I told him not to say that because Christmas is much more than just Santa Clause. 

I came up with a “promotion” of becoming an “elf” which meant he could help his dad and I shop for his sisters Santa gifts. He’s also welcomed to help wrap the presents. 

Of course we asked him not to tell his sisters because Santa Clause will still be coming to our home for many years. Janette is 7 and Camila is 10 months so yeah, many more years.  

Anyway , he cheered up after I “promoted” him to elf. Then we let him watch a movie with his sister before bed. 

Was really not expecting this conversation today , but it happened. I would not have done it during Christmas time either because I think that would have been harder for him.  At least now he knows and will be expecting a different kind of Christmas, still a very merry one that’s for sure. 

This is one of those moments that I was dreading as a mom. Yes I have my girls that will still believe in the magic of Santa, but my son is now a step closer into the more grown up world.

I will always remember his little face seeing Christmas presents from Santa. It is without a doubt a beautiful feeling to wake your kids up on Christmas morning. My big boy .Growing so fast. And that’s just it , kids grow up so fast. One minute they are writing to Santa and the next thing you know there is no Santa. 

I’m looking forward to Christmas like every year and I will have to make sure that he still sees the magic in Christmas. 

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