A decade full of love !

My son turned 10 ! Double digits ! I’ve been a mom to such an amazing boy for a decade ! 

My Diego , 

We have been through a lot you and I. As you know I had you when I was 17 ! Since the day you were born a lot has changed. For the better of course ! 

I tried not to get emotional today, but it was hard not to since all the memories of you as a baby came into my head and look at you now ! Wow! My boy you are growing up to be a good kid with big dreams and I’m proud of you for that! You hold a special olavw in my heart as my first born and only son. No matter how old you get you will always be that … My first born and only son. You have taught me so many things over the years , especially the feeling of unconditional love ! 

Today we celebrated you by taking you out to eat at Chili’s without your sisters , a trip to Toys R Us and Basking Robbins ice cream cake. This weekend will be eventful as well. I hope you enjoyed your 10th Birthday. I love you DJ. 💙

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