DIY Fall home decor – Table centerpiece 

My latest and greatest masterpiece is this dining room center piece I made over the weekend. How I wish I could have captured a better picture. It looks so much better in person . Also the two glittery pumpkins have been adjusted to stick out more. If you are interested to know how I made this quick DIY… Please keep reading 😉. 

Materials needed …

  • Wood for box 
  • Wood glue and thin/ small nails
  • A stain color for wood (optional)
  • 3 foam pieces ( I bought mine from the Dollar Tree)
  • Flowers and leaves ( also bought mine from the Dollar Tree . with the exception of the end flowers. Those were from Michaels.)
  • Candles 
  • Pumpkins or pinecones (optional) 

So first thing my boyfriend put together a box for me. We bought wood from Hobby Lobby . Pictured below. We bought an 8 dollar pack and a small pack as well. The measurements worked great to fit three foam boxes. Of course he did have to trim the smaller pieces of wood. And we stained them a white color. 

Once the box was made and we let the stain color dry for an hour I placed the foam boxed in the box. 

Then started placing the flowers into the foam . Oh wait had to clip the flowers so they are separated. 


So it’s pretty much adjusting the flowers and leaves however you want them. I went ahead and placed the candles where I wanted them to make placing the leaves easier. 

Once I had the flowers and leaves in place I added the pumpkins which I had from last year. 

So that’s it. Not much to it. Super easy and looks amazing! 

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