To my best friends in life. I am thankful for you!

My siblings.

My support system.

Best friends.

We have proven to be able to get through fire together.

Over the last 3 years (almost 4) since mom passed we have adjusted our lives in the most positive way possible. We have discovered our strength through our loss and even our weaknesses. We have picked each other up when needed. Proof that we were raised by a great mother. She showered us in love and support and that is what we now do for each other. I am so thankful for the mom we had and thankful she gave me you guys.

This year has been challenging for me, but you guys have been cheering me on through these challenges and pushing me to keep going.

So much of your time has been devoted to my kids and to me and I am forever grateful. I hope you guys know that you are all very beautiful individuals. Inside and out.

THANK YOU my sweet loving sisters and brothers. God bless y’all. ❤

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